Environmental Compliance

landfill-compacter-33461958_stdRegulations exist outside the “normal” solid waste management rules that govern and affect solid waste management facilities. These regulations focus on areas such as special sediment and erosion control issues, spill prevention and remediation, and stormwater pollution prevention.

CENTEC Engineering, PLLC obtains permits for special erosion and sediment control plans for areas not covered by a sites’s main NPDES permit. We also have extensive experience preparing plans for spill prevention and remediation, and stormwater pollution prevention, that adhere to accepted regulatory guidelines.


Our Services Include

  • Construction Stormwater NPDES permit applications
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWPPP) Plans
  • Groundwater Protection (GPP) Plans
  • Assistance with environmental compliance, erosion & sedimentation control, etc.

Representative Clients

  • Waste Managment Baltimore Hauling
  • Waste Management Southern Maryland Hauling
  • Waste Management Gaithersburg Hauling
  • Recycle America Elkridge MRF
  • Mountainview Landfill, Inc.
  • Mercer County Solid Waste Authority
  • Copper Ridge Landfill
  • Refuse Disposal, Inc.
  • Waste Management Charleston Hauling
  • Landfill Services of Charleston
  • Disposal Service, Inc.
  • Northwestern Landfill, Inc.
  • Meadowfill Landfill, Inc.
  • S&S Grading Landfill, Inc.
  • West Virginia Tire Disposal, Inc.
  • Waste Management of Shenandoah Valley, Inc.
  • LCS Services, Inc.

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