Closure Plan Design, Permitting, and Construction

closure-33354215_stdThe closure of a solid waste management facility is as important as the construction of a new facility in terms of environmental stability. However, closing portions of solid waste landfills while the site is still active can be very beneficial to the site’s operations. Landfill caps decrease leachate production and can eliminate leachate seeps on sideslopes which can contaminate surface water. The timing of closure to maximize the benefits and minimize operational interruptions is critical.

CENTEC Engineering, PLLC personnel have designed and permitted the closure of many landfills and have performed construction related services for the capping of several others. Our Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) technicians assure adherence to design and permitting requirements.


Our Services Include

  • Closure plan design and permitting
  • Construction plan and bid document preparation
  • Construction contract administration
  • Materials conformance testing of soils and geosynthetics
  • On-site CQA and field testing of soils and geosynthetics
  • Final certification report

Representative Clients

  • Nicholas County Solid Waste Authority
  • Northwestern Landfill, Inc.
  • S&S Grading Landfill, Inc.
  • LCS Services, Inc.
  • Tucker County Solid Waste Authority
  • Landfill Services of Charleston, Inc.

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