Site Layout

A light commercial site layout by CENTEC Engineering.

One of the first, and most crucial, steps to a successful land development project is the overall site layout. It is important that the site be situated to provide for the most efficient use of the property while maintaining easy access and smooth traffic flow. The strategic placement of drainage structures is also critical to maximize the site’s value and minimize intrusion both aesthetically and from a site utilization perspective.

The staff at CENTEC Engineering, PLLC has been involved in land development projects since 1988. Our experience in initial site layout can help you maximize your site’s potential while maintaining regulatory compliance.

  Representative Clients

  •  Maple Ridge, LLC
  • Dollar General (Linden Avenue, LLC)
  • Taco Bell, Long John Silvers (Charter Foods, Inc.)
  • Tractor Supply (Primax Properties, LLC)
  • Antero Resources
  • United Rentals, Inc.
  • United Methodist Family Services
  • Faith Community Church
  • J. Dan Snead & Associates
  • Highland Towers, LLC
  • Bartons Premium Pre-Owned Vehicles
  • Raleigh County Commission on Aging
  • Workforce West Virginia
  • Bethesda Church
  • Steven Dye Architects


CENTEC Engineering is not a structural design company.