Construction Contract Administration, Quality Assurance, and Certification

landfill-cell-construction2-333103745_stdAfter bids are evaluated and a contractor is selected, the contract must be administered, including dispute resolution, plan and specification interpretation, and clarification. Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) and certification of the construction are also needed to ensure the intent of the facility’s design and permit, as well as the regulations are adhered to.

CENTEC Engineering, PLLC can provide complete contract administration or only assistance, depending on the individual client’s needs. We also provide full-time CQA with highly experienced CQA technicians and final construction certification in a timely manner so that use of the facility can begin at the earliest possible time.


Our Services Include

  • Contract administration
  • Quantities verification
  • Plan and specification interpretation
  • Pay request evaluation
  • Materials conformance testing of soils and geosynthetics
  • On-site CQA and field testing of soils and geosynthetics
  • Final certification report

Representative Clients

  • Meadowfill Landfill, Inc.
  • S&S Grading Landfill, Inc.
  • Northwestern Landfill, Inc.
  • Landfill Services of Charleston, Inc.
  • Disposal Services, Inc.
  • LCS Services, Inc.
  • Envirosolutions, Inc. Copper Ridge Landfill
  • Mercer County Solid Waste Authority
  • Tire and Rubber, Inc.
  • West Virginia Tire Disposal, Inc.
  • Nicholas County Solid Waste Authority
  • Braddock Construction
  • Tucker County Solid Waste Authority

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