Streets and Parking

Environmentally-friendly parking lot designed by CENTEC

Environmentally-friendly parking lot designed by CENTEC

Whether you have a commercial or residential development in mind, easy access and smooth traffic flow are imperative to a successful project. Efficient use of a site’s natural topography is key to minimizing development costs while providing end users with convenient and aesthetically pleasing streets and parking areas.

The experienced staff at CENTEC Engineering, PLLC can design street and parking facilities that meet regulatory requirements while maintaining a pleasing traffic flow and ease of use.


Representative Clients

  • Maple Ridge, LLC
  • Skyline Resort
  • Faith Community Church
  • J. Dan Snead & Associates
  • Highland Towers, LLC
  • Bartons Premium Pre-Owned Vehicles
  • Raleigh County Commission on Aging
  • Workforce West Virginia
  • Waste Management Bridgeport Hauling

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